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Softball Minors (Coach Pitch) Local Rules

  • Time Limit – 1 hour 30 minutes. Refer to Rules Across All Divisions concerning application of time limits.
  • 10-run rule (after 4 innings), 15-run rule (after 3 innings) applies for all Spring Season, Play-offs, Championship, and Fall Season games.
  • The manager or a coach from the offensive team will pitch to their batters. Coaches are encouraged to pitch from the pitching plate, but may pitch from a closer distance early in the season depending on the developmental level of the batter. Coaches must as least keep both feet within the pitching circle throughout the pitch. As the season and players progress, the coach should also progress closer to the pitching plate for all batters. By the last two weeks of the season, coaches are to be pitching from the pitching plate for all batters.
  • Coaches should avoid interfering with play:
    • If the coach-pitcher intentionally touches a live ball or interferes with a defensive player making a play, the ball is ruled dead, the runner closest to home is ruled out, and other runners return to the last base reached prior to the interference. A batter-runner not yet reaching first base may advance to first base and force other runners to advance, as needed. Failure to attempt to move out of the way of a player or throw is considered intentional interference. Exception: If a coach-pitcher catches a batted ball in self-defense, the ball is dead, all runners return to their base, and no pitch is called.
    • If the coach-pitcher is otherwise hit or touched by a ball, or unintentionally interferes with any part of the play, the ball is live and the play continues.
  • The coach-pitcher is not an extra base coach and is not to coach base runners.
  • Refer to Player Pool concerning any shortage of players for games
  • Refer to Scorekeeping concerning team responsibilities for keeping and reporting official scores


  • A continuous batting order will be used. Refer to Rules Across All Divisions concerning application of continuous batting order.
  • Each batter will receive a maximum of six (6) pitches or three (3) swinging strikes and will be out once either is reached. Exception: the batter may continue if the 6th or subsequent pitch is fouled.
  • No walks; no hit-by-pitch.
  • Base runners may not advance until the ball is hit (i.e., no wild pitches, passed balls, or straight steals).
  • On batted balls, time should be called when (a) any defensive player has control of the ball on the infield and all unforced runners have reasonably stopped advancing, or (b) any defensive player has control of the ball is touching the ground inside the pitching circle without attempting to make an immediate play on a base runner. Any base runners completely beyond the ½ way line and advancing to an unoccupied base prior to time being called may advance to the next base. Any base runners not completely past the ½ way line must return to the previously occupied base.
  • Runners may advance one (1) base on an overthrown ball to any base (or to the pitcher), at their own risk. Once they have reached that next base safely, they may not advance further during the same play, even if another overthrown ball occurs.
  • Each team may score a maximum of five (5) runs per inning through the 5th inning. The 6th inning and any extra innings are unlimited scoring.
  • A courtesy runner can be used for the catcher if there is two outs when catcher is on base. The courtesy runner will be the player who recorded the last out. A player cannot be used as a courtesy runner more than one time per game for the catcher


  • Ten (10) players are to be used on defense. The 10th fielder must be stationed as a fourth outfielder. Exception: a game may start and continue with only 9 players present and available.
  • The defensive player in the position of pitcher must have at least one foot inside the pitching circle prior to the pitch.
  • The defensive player in the position of pitcher must wear a protective face mask.
  • Two Coaches will be allowed in the outfield for defensive instruction. Both coaches must stay behind/deeper than the shallowest outfield player. A coach from the defensive team shall be allowed behind the catcher to help retrieve pitched balls and get them back to the Coach pitcher. Defensive coaches are not to interfere with a live ball.
  • Regular Season (does not apply during seasonal play-offs): No player shall be on the bench more than one (1) consecutive defensive inning. Exceptions may be made for injury, illness, fatigue, bathroom, etc. This defensive participation requirement does not apply for players arriving late to the game; however, players arriving late will still be added to the end of the batting line up.
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