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Player Evaluations (Spring Only)

2023 Spring ILL Evaluations Schedule

Any players in Minors Coach Pitch, Player Pitch, Majors, and Intermediate who do not attend evaluations will be moved to the lowest division they are eligible for. Players who do not attend evaluations are not eligible to be drafted but will be blind drawn to a team in the lowest division they are eligible for. Tball and Junior Coach Pitch players do not need to attend evaluations. Juniors players will have a separate evaluation date after school tryouts end.

ALL MinorsMajors, Intermediate and Juniors players must attend evaluations (this excludes T-ball and Junior Coach Pitch division players). Minors Divisions include Softball Minors (Coach Pitch), Baseball Minors (Coaches Pitch), and Baseball and Softball Minors (Player Pitch) Divisions.

Please see schedules below which are based on your child's LEAGUE-AGE. A players league age is determined by the age of the child on August 31, 2023 - use the age chart located on the website to confirm your player's league age for their evaluation time. This year players will be evaluated by league age and not by a specific division. Players will be drafted to a team in an age appropriate division based on their overall evaluation to create competitively balance teams across each division.  

* Juniors Division evaluations will be held on a later date (typically after school tryouts end) if the division will not be starting with the younger groups.



League AgeCheck-in TimeEvaluation TimeField
13 and 12 8:45 am9:00 am2
11 and 10s who want to be considered for Majors10:00am10:30am2
1011:45am 12:00pm2
9 and 8s who want to be considered for Kid Pitch1:00pm1:30pm2




League AgeCheck-in TimeEvaluation TimeField
Softball 12 and 11 8:45am9:00am2
Softball 10, 9 and 8s who want to be considered for Minors9:15am9:30am2
Coach Pitch Softball 6-89:45am10:00am2
Coach Pitch Baseball 88:45am9:00am3
Coach Pitch Baseball 7 and 6s who want to be considered for Minors Coach Pitch10:00am10:30am3



Parents: If your child is new to the League, you must bring a copy of your player(s) birth certificate. Also school residency form which is found below (exception: if you played on an all-star team in the 9/10 division or higher, no residency documents are required as we have your verified documents on file).


Players: Players need to come in baseball/softball attire or other athletic wear and bring a glove, batting helmet, and bat. Boys are encouraged to wear an athletic cup. We will have additional gloves, helmets, and bats on hand if your child does not have this equipment.



Check-In Table: All Players must stop by the Check-In Table to turn in any paperwork and to get their player evaluation number sticker. This sticker will be placed on the player's back and must remain visible during the evaluation. If you have not paid your registration fee, the balance must be paid when you check in at evaluations before the player will be able to participate.


Evaluation Circuit: Each player will be given specific instructions at the field. In summary, each player will begin with a batting evaluation. They will receive live pitches and will be allowed to take 3 swings. On the 3rd swing, they will run from home plate to 2B. Once they reach 2B they will give their batting helmet to the volunteer that has their fielding glove. That player will then go to the SS position to receive 2-3 ground balls and will throw them to a fielder at 1B; then they will move into LF and receive 2-3 pop flys and throw those balls into the fielder at 2B. Each evaluation only takes 2-3 minutes, and the player is free to leave once they complete this circuit. 


Concessions: Snacks (chips/candy/popcorn/ice cream) and drinks (cold and hot) will be available at the concession stand both days.


NOTE: All players are expected to attend evaluations. Each Manager candidate will be viewing the evaluations for his/her division. We spend a considerable amount of volunteer time for evaluations because we strive to make our teams balanced and competitive for the enjoyment of all participants. It is very important for players to come during their respective division time in order to ensure that they will be evaluated by the managers for that division.


If your child does not attend evaluations, the Board will be in charge of rostering your player(s) via blind draw in order to ensure a competitive balance. This means that your player can not be drafted; instead, they will be randomly placed on a team.


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