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T-Ball Division

T-Ball (league ages 4-5) is designed to introduce the fundamentals and rules of baseball to the most beginning of players and encourage them to fully participate and have fun.

  • Time Limit – 1 hour or 3 innings
  • A Softtouch or Softstitch safety baseball will be used.
  • No official score is kept.


  • The manager and coaches from the offensive team coach bases and pitch/operate the tee. (One coach must remain in the dugout.)
  • All players will bat each inning.
  • The ball must be hit into fair territory for the batter and runners to advance.
  • Outs will not be called. Base runners will stay on base even if the defensive team earns a put out.
  • Runners will not advance on overthrows.
  • All players begin the season hitting from a tee. The hitting tee should be placed just in front of home plate (not directly on top of home plate). After Spring Break, coaches MAY, but are not required to, pitch to any or all batters. The coach will pitch from approximately 20 feet away, either overhanded from a knee, or underhanded while standing. If a player is unsuccessful in putting the ball in play after 2 swings (or 4 total pitches if the batter does not swing at 2 pitches), the player will hit from the tee.
  • When a ball in play is caught or stopped by an infielder or outfielder, base runners (including the batter) will advance one base. If a hit ball advances beyond the outfielders without being stopped or caught, the batter and any base runners may advance two bases.
  • The manager or coach will announce when the last batter in the line-up comes to the plate. Upon putting the ball in play, the batter and runners will continue until they all reach home plate. 


  • All players on the team will take fielding positions every inning. A five (5) player infield (no catcher), including a player placed at the mound area near the pitching coach, is used. All other defensive players should be distributed evenly throughout the outfield. Coaches may move players between positions during an inning provided it does not interfere with the flow of the game.
  • Players are to be rotated to different fielding positions each inning. Each player must play an infield position at least one inning each game. No player will play the position of pitcher more than two (2) full innings in any one (1) game.
  • Up to three (3) coaches from the defensive team may be in the field to help instruct defensive players. Play may be suspended to teach player(s) proper fielding techniques, as appropriate. A defensive coach will also serve as catcher to return balls to the pitcher.
  • Although outs are not called, all defensive players should attempt a put-out, especially the infielders. They are NOT to automatically throw it back to the coach on the pitcher's mound unless the play has stopped. Outfielders will be instructed to throw the ball into the second baseman / shortstop. (Right fielders may be instructed to throw the ball to first base.)

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