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Rules Across All Divisions

The following items apply across all divisions unless otherwise addressed in divisional rules:

  • There will be no protests on judgment calls by umpires. For any protest/question due to a rules clarification, play should be stopped and addressed immediately with an Officer on Duty. If play continues, the protested issue will be considered resolved and will not be revisited.
  • Home teams take the 1st base dugout; visiting teams take the 3rd base dugout.
  • Application of time limits:
    • Spring - No new inning will start after the time limit is reached. If the time limit is reached during an inning, that inning will be completed.
    • Play-offs (leading up to the Championship game) – no new inning will start after the time limit is reached. If the time limit is reached during an inning, that inning will be completed. Exception: tie games will continue beyond the time limit until one team has a lead at the end of an inning (or the home team takes the lead in the bottom half of an inning after the time limit is reached).
    • Championship or Championship Series games - Time limits do not apply.
    • Fall -the time limits are "drop-dead" meaning play will end when the time limit is reached (a batter may finish his/her at-bat).
  • When a continuous batting line-up is used, every player present will bat:
    • If a player arrives to the game late, he/she will be added to the end of the line-up. (If the player arrives during the defensive half of an inning, that inning will count as the player being considered to be on the bench for the inning only if no outs have been recorded when the player arrives.)
    • If a player becomes ill, is injured, needs an emergency bathroom break, or cannot continue for any reason, he/she will be skipped in the batting order. It will not be an out when that spot is reached in the batting order. If the player is reasonably able to return, he/she may return to the same spot in the line-up after notifying the opposing manager.
  • For divisions with a pitching circle in play, on/touching the line is considered inside the circle.
  • Umpires (Minors, Majors, Intermediate, Juniors). In the event a League-supplied umpire is not available for a game, the home team shall coordinate one or more umpires. The umpire(s) can be either team’s manager or coaches, or any other adult. If the manager or coach umpires, an additional coach will be permitted on the field. Note that volunteer forms must be submitted, and background checks completed by the League, for any non-player before they are permitted on the field. Also note that our Junior Umpire Program allows youth with verified training as young as 12years of age to participate as umpires in certain situations.
  • After entering the batter’s box, the batter must remain in the box with at least one foot throughout the at bat. (Refer to Rule 6.02c as a local league option)
    1. On a swing, slap, or check swing.
    2. When forced out of the box by a pitch.
    3. When the batter attempts a “drag bunt” in Baseball [or attempts a “slap” or “slap bunt” in Softball]
    4. When the catcher does not catch the pitched ball.
    5. When a play has been attempted.
    6. When time has been called.
    7. BASEBALL: When the pitcher leaves the dirt area of the pitching mound or takes a position more than five feet from the pitcher’s plate after receiving the ball or the catcher leaves the catcher’s box. SOFTBALL: When the pitcher leaves the eight foot circle or the catcher leaves the catcher’s box.
    8.On a three ball count pitch that is a strike that the batter thinks is a ball.

    If the batter leaves the batter’s box or delays play and none of the exceptions apply, the umpire shall warn the batter. After one warning on a batter, the umpire shall call a strike. Any number of strikes can be called on each batter.
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