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Concession Stand

The concession stand is an important source of revenue for Irmo Little League. The concession stand is staffed entirely by volunteers. Every Irmo Little League team is assigned 2-3 game days during the season to staff the concession stand, with each family requested to participate in one or more shifts.

Parent volunteers in the concession stand help open and set up for business, prepare food, take orders, ring up sales, serve orders, and re-stock the shelves at the end of their shifts. First-time volunteers should arrive 10 minutes early the first time they work a shift so that they can be briefly trained by the Officer on Duty on operating the concession stand and other equipment.

Your team's assigned concession stand slots will be included on the Master Game Schedule. Team parents are responsible for lining up volunteers for each team's shifts. On weeknights, shifts typically start at 5:30PM and go until approximately 9:15PM when the second set of games end. Saturday shifts are typically 2-3 hour shifts starting around 9:30AM.

When the grill is in use, an adult volunteer will need to prepare the burgers/hot dogs/chicken during the first 30-45 minutes of the first shift until sufficient food is cooked and the hot boxes are stocked.

Concession Stand Operation

Opening Procedures
  • Turn on nacho machine
  • Set Slushie machine to ICE (one side at a time)
  • Heat water for hot chocolate (if needed)
  • Plug in coffee pot(if needed)
  • Fill boiled peanut crock pot and turn on
  • Get starting cash from safe into cash box
  • Open serving window when workers arrive
Closing Procedures
  • Turn off equipment (nachos, popcorn, peanuts)
  • Set Slushie machine to CHILL
  • Unplug water urn and coffer pot
  • Ensure concession stand is fully stocked
  • Clean all dishes/utensils (peanuts, grill, etc.)
  • Ensure concession stand is clean
  • Close and lock serving window

Grill Operation

Opening Procedures
  • Pull grill to grill area
  • Connect propane tanks/start heating grill
  • Pull out silver table for wrapping
  • Setup orange safety cones around grill
  • Setup condiment table
  • Prepare hot dogs/chicken for grill
  • Get out tools, foil, buns, etc.
Closing Procedures
  • Put grill and propane tanks away
  • Put silver table and orange cones away
  • Clean condiment table and put away
  • Thaw hot dogs in refrigerator for next day

Concession Stand Safety

  • No person under the age of 10 will be allowed behind the counter in the concession stand. At all times, there must be an approved adult within the concession stand to provide supervision.
  • People working in the concession stand will be trained in safe food preparation, safe use of equipment and approved background check.
  • The Concession Manager and Safety Officer will provide all necessary training.
  • Cooking equipment will be inspected periodically and repaired or replaced, if needed.
  • Propane tanks will be turned off at the grill and at the tank after use.
  • Carbon dioxide tanks will be secured with chains so they stand upright and can't fall over. report damaged tanks or valves to the supplier and discontinue use.
  • Food not purchased by Irmo Little League to sell in the concession stand will not be cooked, prepared, or sold in the concession stand.
  • Cooking grease will be stored safely in containers away from open flames.
  • Cleaning chemicals must be stored in a locked container.
  • A Certified Fire Extinguisher suitable for grease fires must be placed in plain sight at all times.
  • All concession stand workers are to be instructed on the use of fire extinguishers.
  • A fully stocked "BLS" First Aid Kit will be placed in the Concession Stand.
  • The concession stand main entrance door will not be locked or blocked while people are inside.
  • All heating element appliances will be shut off and unplugged at the close of the Concession stand.


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