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Majors Division - Baseball and Softball

Majors Baseball and Softball (league ages 10-12) is a competitive division for players.

  • Time Limit – 1 hour 45 minutes or 6 innings; Fall: 1 hour 30 minutes. In the Fall, it is a hard time limit where you will finish the batter at the 90-minute mark. For the Spring, no new inning will start after the time limit but you will finish the current inning.
  • Run rules apply for all Spring and Fall Regular Season games (15 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5)
  • Run rules apply for all Playoffs and Championship games (15 after 3, 10 after 4)
  • Refer to Player Pool concerning any shortage of players for games.
  • Refer to Scorekeeping concerning team responsibilities for keeping and reporting official scores.
  •  Spring Only: Uncaught 3rd Strike will be enforced (batter may attempt to advance to 1st base if the third strike is uncaught by the catcher AND either 1st base is unoccupied with less than 2 outs in the inning OR 2 outs have been recorded in the inning (regardless of the status of 1st base).


  • A continuous batting order will be used.
  • Fall only: each team may score a maximum of seven (7) runs per inning. The 6th inning or any additional innings played are unlimited scoring innings. There is no run rule per inning during the Spring.
  • A courtesy runner can be used for the catcher or pitcher if there are two outs when either are on base. The courtesy runner will be the player who recorded the last out. A player cannot be used as a courtesy runner more than one time per game for either the catcher or the pitcher.


  • Regular Season (does not apply during seasonal play-offs): No player shall be on the bench more than one (1) consecutive defensive inning. Exceptions may be made for injury, illness, fatigue, bathroom, etc. This defensive participation requirement does not apply for players arriving late to the game; however, players arriving late will still be added to the end of the batting line up.
  • Softball Only: Pitcher must wear a protective face mask.
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