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The Players are our #1 Priority:

  • Develop Player Baseball/Softball Skills
  • Challenge Players
  • Provide a Fun and Competitive Atmosphere
  • Focus on Player Safety
  • Build Friendships and Memories

Irmo Little League aspires to be an outstanding athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience, in which every athlete:
• Is coached using the principles of Little League
        • Has fun playing the game
        • Feels like an important part of the team regardless

  of performance
        • Learns "life lessons" that have value beyond the

  playing field
        • Learns the skills, tactics, and strategies of the game

  and improves as a player.

A Successful League takes more than a Board of Officers to run things:

  • Team Managers
  • Coaches
  • Team Moms/Dads
  • Umpires
  • YOU!
  • We are a family
  • Many people, working together
  • Not Paid


  • 2021 Volunteer Applications: online
  • Only people allowed on fields are players and approved volunteers


  • First Aid
  • Reporting Accidents
  • Need Medical Releases to return to play
  • Doctors / Nurses – Notify [email protected]

Injury Prevention

  • Make sure that children do not climb on fences surrounding the playing fields or venture into the woods.
  • Check playing fields before games and practices for holes, large rocks or sticks,  and anything else that may cause interference for players.
  • Make sure that players warm up and stretch before practices and games.
  • Make sure that your child drinks plenty of fluids not only while playing but also throughout the day before practices and games.
  • Treat minor injuries with RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Player Safety

  • Pitch Counts strictly enforced
  • Pitcher / Catcher rule strictly enforced
  • No adults may warm up pitchers
  • Player Safety Equipment
  • Catching
  • Warming Up
  • Base Coach
  • Coaches know rules and will be held accountable

Friarsgate Park: Home of Irmo Little League

  • Smoke/Tobacco Free (includes electronic cigarettes)
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Parking Rules
  • Traffic Management

Expectations of Fans and Parents

  • No profanity
  • No arguing/yelling/jabbing at umpires
  • The decision of the Umpires and/or Officer on Duty is final
  • Maintain a positive, family-friendly atmosphere

Before the Game:
1. Make a commitment to Honor the Game in action and language no matter what others may do.
2. Tell your children before each game that you are proud of them.

After the Game:
1. Thank the umpires for doing a difficult job for no pay.
2. Thank the coaches for their commitment and effort.
3. Remind your children again that you are proud of them -- win or lose.
                                                                During the Game:
1. Fill your children's "Emotional Tanks."
2. Don't yell instructions during the game. Let coaches coach.
3. Cheer good plays by both teams.
4. Mention good calls by the umpires to other parents.
5. If an umpire makes a "bad" call against your team, Honor the Game -- be silent!
6. If other parents yell at the umpires, gently remind them to Honor the Game.
7. Don't do anything in the heat of the moment that you will regret after the game. Ask yourself, "Will this embarrass my child or the team?"
8. Remember to have fun! Enjoy the game.

Snack Tickets (Team moms and coaches will give you more information)

Teams enjoy a snack after the game.  Snack Tickets are available at the Concession Stand for $1.50 each.

(chips/popcorn/ice cream & drink options) Team moms will collect money for snack tickets at the beginning of the season.  NO candy for snack tickets!

  • Many snacks, drinks and candy options at reasonable prices.
  • Each team will have Concession Stand responsibilities throughout the season. (required)
  • Limited grilling availability – Special Food Nights


Irmo Little League
PO Box 1371 
Irmo, South Carolina 29063

Email: [email protected]

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