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Player Pool

Pool players and game-time shortage of players do not apply to Tee Ball Divisions (that is, T-ball and Junior Coach Pitch).

Pool players are to be used in the event of a team is known to be short one or more players and is not expected to have enough players for a particular game. There must be an expected shortage of players (less than 9) before a Pool Player is invited to play.

  • Parents can request that players be added to the Player Pool list by completing the form that will be emailed by the league. Players will be added the pool for the divisional pool(s) in which players are currently rostered.
  • Once the Player Agent is contacted by a Manager that he/she needs one or more Pool Players, the Player Agent will reference the player pool list for that division. Players are selected from a blind list – managers may not request a specific player. The Player Agent will contact by phone the next person on the list (also ensuring that player is not already scheduled for an overlapping game). If that player cannot play or the call is not answered (no message will be left), the next person on the list is called until a parent is reached and that player agrees to play.
  • If a Pool Player arrives at fields to play, they will play even if nine (9) or more of the team's regular players are there. Pool players must meet playing time requirements.
  • If one (1) pool player is used, that player will be limited to playing right field. If two (2) pool players are used, those players will be limited to right and left fields. If three (3) pool players are used, those players will be limited to outfield positions.
  • The Pool Player(s) will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.
  • A player can be used as a pool player and then again that same day he/she can participate on their regular team.
  • Pool Players will be used for regular season games ONLY.

Game time options for shortage of players

The following option(s) may be used in the event at least nine (9) players are not available at game time and there is not enough time to reasonably arrange for pool players to be there in time. These options may ONLY be used if needed to get a team to 9 players. These are NOT normal practice and would be done only to allow the game to be played.

  • Both managers, along with a board member or Officer on Duty may select an eligible player from the same division that is currently at the park; the player’s team must not currently be playing a game on another field. The fill-in player(s) must play right field or left field (or center field if 3 fill-in players are needed) and bat last in the line-up. If the regular player(s) shows up late, they will be replace the player(s) filling in.

Ongoing use of pool or fill-in players

Any manager that has an ongoing issue with players not attending games (or practices) must communicate with the divisional officer and/or Player Agent to coordinate long term roster solutions.


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