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Pitching and Catching Limits (Baseball)

The information provided below is based directly on official Little League International rules. Information stated here is meant to summarize and emphasize key thresholds. Any conflict or misrepresentation any statements made within official rules or clarifications provided by Little League International is unintended. Please refer to the Little League International Rulebooks for the most precise information.

For player pitch divisions, each team is required to keep track of players' pitch counts and attempt to keep them at a safe level for the child. Managers and Coaches should look to their players' futures and make an effort to protect their elbows against serious injury.

Once the Little League-mandated pitch count thresholds are reached, the pitcher must be removed from the mound. Should that player be inserted back into the lineup, that player may not play the position of catcher if he/she has pitched 41 or more pitches in that game as the number of throws required by a catcher mirrors that of the pitcher.


Ice is universal First Aid treatment for minor sports injuries. Ice controls the pain and swelling. Pitchers should be taught how to ice their arms at the end of a game. If the Manager of Coach is unsure how to do this, he or she can contact an Irmo Little League Board member for further instructions. Children should not be encouraged to "play through the pain." Pain is a warning sign of injury. Ignoring it can lead to greater injury.

Pitch Counts

Player Age Maximum Pitches in a Game
13-14 95
11-12 85
9-10 75
8 50


If a pitcher reaches the limit imposed for his/her league age while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs:

  1. That batter reaches base
  2. That batter is put out
  3. The third out is made to complete the half-inning

Days of Rest

Number of Pitches Thrown Days Rest Required
0-20 0
21-35 1
36-50 2
51-65 3
66+ 4

Limits Concerning Catchers

A player that pitches 41 or more pitches in a game CANNOT play catcher in that same game.

A player can catch a maximum of 3 innings if they intend to also pitch in that game; If a player starts a 4th inning as the catcher (even one warm up pitch) they cannot pitch in that game.

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